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Who Am I?

My name is Marko and I am a college student preparing to graduate spring 2018. I am currently pursuing a bachelor of Health Care Administration from the University of North Florida. Ever since my immigration to the United States in 1998, after the war in my home country of Bosnia and Herzegovina, I have always been passionate about helping people through the art of inspiring and motivating. While I and countless others are pursuing their dreams, I plan to share inspiring chills stories and motivations that have genuinely benefited me in getting closer to convert those dreams to reality. Like many of you, I have had numerous struggles in my life but my character is not defined by these struggles, yet, my character is only defined by the way I handled those struggles.

Some of the things this blog may include are; advice, tips, and information on how to motivate yourself to be successful in anything you attempt to accomplish. The purpose of this site is to serve the people as a tool that will provide a variety of motivation and inspiration for anything they wish to achieve. I have spent a myriad of hours watching motivational/inspiring videos, studying motivational books, and viewing inspiring photos of people, things, and even just simple quotes that have pushed me to continue striving for my dreams. My vision is that this site will benefit people all over the world, through the sharing of inspiring chills stories and motivations for all visitors to see. This idea has gone from a lifelong passion to an obsession that I will not’ regret to act upon.


We Will Change The World

I believe it is imperative to spread as much positive energy and light as possible so that there is no room for the negative and darkness. I have a big vision that will continue to grow this blog in all aspects, but I need your help. This site will maintain a high quality and will always strive to improve in any way possible and I hope that you will inform us on any way you think our site can improve. Alone we may be feeble, but together we will have the power to change the world.